24 V Battery Systems - innolectric
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24 V Battery Systems

24V Battery Systems

Simple replacement of lead-acid batteries

In order to eliminate the disadvantages of lead-acid batteries in machinery, innolectric offers an innovative solution on the basis of lithium-ion technology. The lithium-ion battery system can easily replace lead-acid batteries in 24 V machinery in a few simple steps. Although the solution’s size and weight correspond to exactly four 6 V lead-acid batteries, it is characterized by a significantly larger capacity, a longer service life and a wider operating range in terms of temperature and charging power.

  • Complete battery system for direct installation and use
  • Optimized for use in machinery (installation space, power, etc.)
  • Usable energy three times higher than that of conventional lead-acid batteries
16 working hours ready to use with lithium-ion battery system
Replacement of diesel power units with modern energy storages

Diesel power units are widely used to drive electric machines. The disadvantages of combustion engines with high exhaust emission and noise exposure are obvious. Problems also arise due to increasingly restrictive emission requirements. With battery systems from innolectric, manufacturers can re-align their machines’ drive and thus become fit for the future.

  • Full electrification of existing diesel units possible
  • Significant reduction of operating costs – no more expensive fuel required
  • Competent support for machine conversion by us and our partner Liftservice Krome
Technical data at a glance
Dimensions262 x 362 x 281 mm per module, any arrangement
Protection classIP54
Operating temperature-20 ... +55 °C (discharged), -10 ... +45 °C (charging)
Current carrying capacity240 A (kontinuierlich), 300 A (10 s), 380 A (5 s), 480 A (2 s)
Nominal capacity144 Ah (0,3C)288 Ah (0,3C)
Nominal voltage25,6 V51,2 V
Weight56 kg per module (equivalent to 12 V lead acid battery), 2 modules required, lighter variants possible56 kg per module, 4 modules required, Lighter variants possible

Together with Liftservice Krome we form a strong team for your customers: As a long-standing industry insider, Liftservice Krome GmbH knows all the challenges of machinery and provides comprehensive machine conversion and integration service. Bundled with innolectric’s energy storage and drive system know-how, we offer our customers the full-service package from conversion of the batteries to replacement of the diesel drive.