AC/DC Converter

AC/DC Converter

The innolectric AC/DC Converter is available in various power levels up to 360 kW. This means that a system with two 180 kW AC/DC converters, for example, can be commissioned and subsequently extended to 720 kW by connecting two further 180 kW AC/DC converters in parallel.


A big advantage of the converter is its high efficiency of over 99 % thanks to the innovative silicon carbide technology. Air cooling is sufficient in almost every power range due to the much lower switching losses. This means that the product requires very little maintenance and is very cost-effective to service.


The AC/DC converter can therefore form the basis for a charging column together with the innolectric DC Charging Controller as a communication unit. In doing so, innolectric brings together all the benefits of the power electronics and charging communication into one complete system – the charging column. The AC/DC converter can also be used for other industrial applications that require exceptional performance.

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