Battery-operated machinery - innolectric | Battery Systems
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Battery-operated machinery

Battery-operated machinery

Replacement of diesel drives with modern energy storage

Diesel power units are widely used to drive electric machines. The disadvantages of combustion engines with high exhaust emission and noise exposure are obvious. Problems also arise due to increasingly restrictive emission requirements. With battery systems from innolectric, manufacturers can re-align their machines’ drive and thus become fit for the future.


Commissioned by you and, on request, in close cooperation with you, we develop solutions for the electrification of machinery of higher performance classes, where purely electrical operation seemed inconceivable up to now. Here we combine the know-how of our partner Liftservice Krome, who has been carrying out machine conversions and servicing for many years, with our expertise in the field of battery and drive technology to generate the best possible solutions for you. It goes without saying that we draw on our ready-developed and tested solutions to keep development costs low.


Our portfolio ranges from consulting and development services to the production of battery systems. You can thus also benefit from our know-how in the series production of batteries.

  • Full electrification of existing diesel units
  • Development of new machinery through innovative electric drive
  • Full service from a single source: consulting, development, integration, production and service
  • New solutions based on existing and tested products and applications