On-Board Charger Grid
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On-Board Charger Grid

innolectric On-Board Charger Produktbild Rendering

On-Board Charger Grid

Direct grid connection for AC charging and flexible parallel charging operation

The OBC|G gives users the option of a power electronic version for AC charging via a direct grid connection. The OBC|G is compatible with a standard 3-phase grid connection (e.g. standard industrial CEE plug) and can be used without any automotive charging communication. This results in the advantage that charging with the OBC|G is perfectly possible independent of an automotive standard compliant charging infrastructure. The limitation of the input current is manually selectable.


To increase the AC charging power, it is possible to use two or more OBC|G in parallel. Each of them is controlled by a separate CAN message to achieve a simple, fast and safe charging topology.

AC/DC Converter for easy integration into existing charging infrastructure

The integration of the OBC|G is simple and straightforward: Only the available AC charging power has to be transmitted. The OBC|G is connected to the EV CAN and receives current, voltage and charging requirements. This makes the variant particularly suitable for the industrial environment, e.g. in usage scenarios with temporary charging infrastructure. With the innolectric AC/DC Converter, the innolectric portfolio offers another practical solution in the field of charging technology, for example as a basis for setting up a charging station.

Highlights of the OBC|G
  • Parallel charging mode enables flexible increase of charging power
  • Constant supply assurance
  • Easy integration into an existing infrastructure without high integration effort
  • Can be used for stationary connection, for example in marine or industrial applications, and enables safe and flexible integration
  • Can be used with direct mains connection without any charging communication for AC charging
  • Compatible with EU and US grid topologies
Technical Data
Product nameOBC42|GOBC82|G
Component design22 kW
Input voltage (3~ AC)360 − 440 V
Input voltage (1~ AC)103 − 253 V
Input current (AC)max. 32 A (per phase)
Frequency50 − 60 Hz (+/- 1 %)
Efficiency (2 – 22 kW)> 94 %
Efficiency (2 – 10 kW)> 96 %
Output voltage220 − 510 V400 − 850 V
Output currentUp to 65 AUp to 45 A
Interfaces1 x CAN J1939 / 1 x Service CAN
Degree of protectionIP 6K9K
Dimensions (l x w x h)610 x 391 x 120 mm
Weight30 kg
Operating temperatures- 40 °C to +65 °C
Minimal adjustments are possible.

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