Added technical information about the On-Board Charger

From now on updated and supplementary contents regarding the On-Board Charger are published on the innolectric website for all visitors. Parallel to the completion of the latest OBC brochure, the website now also contains all updated product data. From immediately, a graphic illustrates the advantages of the efficiency of the On-Board Charger. In addition, interested parties can access the technical table with all current data.

Current OBC brochure online

The OBC product brochure is available for free download in English and German from the innolectric website. In addition to application areas and the illustration of flexible charging solutions, the brochure focuses on high efficiency, the possibility of AC and DC charging and the uncomplicated integration of the On-Board Charger as a system solution. The brochure can be downloaded here.

Series production of the On-Board Charger starts

At the beginning of the year, innolectric published a press release announcing the start of series production of the On-Board Charger, which is expected to be in the second quarter of 2020. The media response to the press release was high internationally. In the separate press area of the innolectric website, press releases and related graphical material are available for download. You can read it here.


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