Charging and Power Systems



Hardly any other industry is currently developing as dynamically as electromobility. The applications vary greatly, and so do the different requirements placed on the technology. At the same time, the number of new players who want to electrify mobile applications and expand their expertise in the field of e-mobility is rising.


innolectric stands for comprehensive competence in electromobility and the perfect interaction of the necessary components from the charging infrastructure to energy storage in the vehicle. Our core competencies include power electronics and charging communication. Only if a mature power electronics, from hardware to software, harmonize smoothly with charging communication can state-of-the-art technology develop its potential.

Individualized products made to fit your needs

In addition to products ready for series production, innolectric also offers the possibility of customizing existing products. Because every application has its own requirements and can make adaptations necessary.


You want to integrate an OBC into your application? With our cross-industry know-how, we support you in the selection of the charging inlet, the DC contactors, the procurement of cable sets for prototypes as well as the entire integration process of our products. Contact our sales team to find out how we can decisively advance your project as well!

Specific know-how for individual solutions

At innolectric, all products are developed in-house and made ready for series production. This creates products at the highest level that are easy to integrate for our customers. Do you have new topics in electromobility and would like to access experience and know-how on a project basis? The innolectric Research & Development Unit offers consulting and contract development for your problem and is a technical sparring partner in the areas of analysis, consulting and development work.

innolectric service offer at a glance
  • Prototype development on your behalf for power electronic components and charging technology (on-board, off-board) as well as system analysis and evaluation of the target application incl. recommendation of compatible products
  • Analysis and evaluation of power electronics, e.g. with a focus on efficiency
  • Consulting and support in the technical design of power electronics with a focus on EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Consulting and development in the field of power electronics
  • Circuit design according to customer-specific requirements, also in the range of power electronics
  • Design and analysis of components (e.g. inductance or transformers) in power electronic systems in the context of the overall system
Our workshop offer

Development work can require an external view to specifically guide the project to success. We offer guided (digital) workshops in a variety of areas where we can bring our expertise to the right place and help you move forward:


  • Use Case & Requirement Analysis
  • Analysis and evaluation of the appropriate charging technology for your application
  • Analysis of your charging technology and evaluation of optimization potentials
  • Integrated system design for the electrification of your application incl. risk and hazard analysis
  • Deep understanding of electromobility through in-house development at innolectric
  • Adaptation of existing innolectric products also possible in series production
  • Individual engineering services with focus on power electronics and charging communication
  • Bundled cross-industry know-how for your development
  • Extensive know-how in EV architectures and charging peripherals as well as battery systems / battery management systems; DC/DC; CAN communication and many more

Do you have questions about a product or do you need a concrete offer in the field of engineering? Please contact us by e-mail at sales@innolectric.ag We will be pleased to assist you.