Charging and Power Systems



Hardly any other industry is currently developing as dynamically as electromobility. The applications vary greatly, and so do the different demands placed on the technology. At the same time, the number of new players who want to electrify mobile applications and expand their expertise in the field of e-mobility is rising.


innolectric stands for comprehensive competence in electromobility and the perfect interaction of the necessary components from the charging infrastructure to energy storage in the vehicle. Our core competencies include power electronics and charging communication. Only if a mature power electronics from hardware to software harmonizes smoothly with the charging communication, advanced technology can develop its potential.


Customized products made to measure

innolectric offers not only products ready for series production, but also the possibility to customize existing products. This is because every application has its own requirements and can make adaptations necessary. Contact our sales team to find out how we can also make a decisive contribution to your project!


Specific know-how for individual solutions

At innolectric, all products are developed in-house and brought to series maturity. This creates easy-to-integrate products at the highest level for our customers. Do you have new topics in electromobility and want to access experience and know-how for specific projects? Our Research & Development Unit offers consulting and contract development for your questions. This includes, for example, the development of power electronics, the layout of components or circuit design according to customer-specific requirements.

  • In-depth understanding of electromobility through in-house development at innolectric
  • Adaptation of existing innolectric products also possible in series production
  • Individual engineering services with the focus on power electronics and charging communication

Do you have questions about a product or do you need a concrete offer in the field of engineering? Please contact us by e-mail at sales@innolectric.ag We will be pleased to assist you.