Heavy duty and construction machinery
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Heavy duty and construction machinery

Heavy Duty Referenzen

Heavy duty and construction machinery

In the field of heavy duty vehicles and construction machinery, the demand for purely electric drive solutions as well as hybrid solutions is high. innolectric develops solutions e.g. for excavators, wheel loaders, cranes, trucks, construction site vehicles and other vehicles over five tons. Demand has been increasing enormously for several years, as many new applications, such as the flexible use of a machine indoors, only become feasible through emission-free operation.


This results in special requirements for the use of the vehicles in off-road and on-road applications:

  • Direct grid connection
  • Easy integration into an existing charging infrastructure
  • Individual charging characteristics
  • Possible constant charge mode for direct supply of the machine system during operation
  • High AC charging power of 44kW or more


Thanks to the innolectric system solution, which combines power electronics and intelligent charging communication in one device, error-free and uncomplicated integration is guaranteed. The innolectric OBC|G is available for direct connection to the grid. For mobility solutions that use DC charging only, the DC Charging Controller is a product that can be used to charge in accordance with international standards.


As part of our service portfolio, we also address customer projects individually and find a custom-fit solution that decisively advances your project.

Electrification project Jekko SPX1275

innolectric electrified in cooperation with Liftservice Krome a Jekko mini crane type SPX1275 for the Swiss company Feldmann Pneukran + Transport AG. The mini crane was previously powered by a diesel engine. We replaced this engine with an efficient electric drive train with a lithium-ion battery system.


Another project is the “H2 Liebherr” hybrid excavator. Since its conversion in 2021, the 30-ton construction machine has been operated electrically, with some of the energy provided by hydrogen. For flexible and comprehensive operating options, the vehicle is also powered with the help of a 150 kWh battery system and the innolectric On-Board Charger.

If you are interested in further information about our projects or our product portfolio, please contact us by mail at sales@innolectric.ag. We look forward to helping you further.