On-Board Charger

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On-Board Charger

Efficient power electronics for AC and DC charging

The innolectric On-Board Charger is an allround solution for flexible AC and DC charging. It can be used in cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and powerful construction machines as well as the basis of a charging station in accordance with common standards and international norms.


Thanks to the innovative technology of STMicroelectronics, innolectric offers products such as the On-Board Charger with very high efficiency of more than 96 % and highest quality.

Highlights of the OBC
  • AC charging up to 22 kW with 96 % efficiency
  • DC charging functionality integrated
  • Charging communication for AC and DC charging is fully integrated and supported without any additional devices
  • Compatible with EU & US power grid topologies
  • Full interoperability with all standard-compliant charging stations according to IEC 61851, DIN SPEC 70121 and ISO 15118
Suitable equipment for fast integration

We offer a range of suitable equipment to help you quickly integrate our products into your application. These include HV cable sets for AC and DC charging and connectors for CAN communication. The cable sets and adapters are particularly interesting for manufacturers who are in the prototype phase and want to quickly integrate and test our products in the vehicle. With the right hardware, you can start the testing phase quickly and easily.

Highest efficiency of the On-Board Charger
innolectric On-Board Charger available in different variants

The innolectric On-Board Charger is available in two different versions, each in 400 V and 800 V design. The product thus provides the user with great flexibility and future-proofing. The two designs 400 V (OBC 42) and 800 V (OBC82) of the On-Board Charger can charge with an output of up to 22 kW (AC charging) and also support DC charging with significantly higher outputs.


In addition to the usual AC charging function based on PWM communication, the OBC supports the DC charging standard DIN SPEC 70121 (in future also ISO 15118), in which charging communication is implemented on the basis of Power Line Communication (PLC). The possible charging power is only limited by the electric vehicle itself or the available output power. Users of the innolectric On-Board Charger benefit from a turnkey solution where only one component needs to be integrated at system level to realize both AC and DC charging.

Technical Data
Product nameOBC42OBC82
Component design22 kW
Input voltage (3~ AC)360 − 440 V
Input voltage (1~ AC)103 − 253 V
Input current (AC)max. 32 A (per phase)
Frequency50 − 60 Hz (+/- 1 %)
Efficiency (2 – 22 kW)> 94 %
Efficiency (2 – 10 kW)> 96 %
Output voltage (DC)220 − 510 V400 – 850 V
Output current (DC)Up to 65 AUp to 45 A
AC charging communicationPWM (IEC 61851)
DC charging communicationPLC (DIN SPEC 70121, ISO 15118)
Interfaces1 x CAN J1939 / 1 x Service CAN (does not apply to OBC|G versions)
Degree of protectionIP 6K9K
Dimensions (l x w x h)610 x 391 x 120 mm
Weight30 kg
Operating temperatures- 40 °C to +65 °C
Minimal adjustments are possible.

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