Marine and Sport
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Marine and Sport

new mobility concepts electric ferry

Marine and Sport

The benefits of zero emissions and low noise levels are making electric mobility increasingly attractive in a number of areas. The electrical drive train is an important trend for the marine sector, e.g. for yachts and sports vehicles. The demands on the technology are high: it must be trouble-free, reliable and easy to use at all times. In addition, different usage patterns require flexible battery charging options. Electromobility offers a future-proof solution that can provide a valuable competitive advantage.


With innovative concepts, DC charging is mainly in demand. innolectric offers the right solution with the DC Charging Controller: The charging communication is based on the current international standards and can be used in electric mobility applications as well as on the infrastructure side. The DC Charging Controller supports the leading standards CCS1, CCS2 and NACS.

Customized service for your project

tIn addition, innolectric offers the possibility to adapt existing components to the specific application together with our team of experts. For example, charging with direct grid connection for different grid types or other special requirements can be realized.

If you are interested in further information about our projects or our product portfolio, please contact us by mail at We look forward to helping you further.