Sectors and fields of application

The future of mobility is electric: Whether for passenger transport or commercial vehicles such as sweepers or municipal vehicles, as part of new, modern mobility concepts or, for example, in the field of heavy trucks and construction machinery. The goal is an environmentally friendly drive system that does not produce any exhaust or noise emissions. In addition, other advantages can be achieved with the help of a switch to electric mobility, such as the flexible indoor use of large vehicles.


The innolectric team provides support for the different requirements needed for electric mobility depending on the area of application. We supply the system component that can be integrated precisely into the customer application. For individual requirements, we offer the support our customers need, from requirements definition and consulting to the customized product.

The fields of application of innolectric products

Specific applications in which innolectric products are used can be categorized into the following fields: Delivery vehicles and transportation, Logistics and municipal vehicles, Heavy duty and construction machinery as well as new mobility concepts. innolectric attaches great importance to robust, custom-fit solutions in project implementation.

anwendungsfeld_on-board charger transport

Delivery vehicles and transport

Toward electrified mobility thanks to the On-Board Charger

Requirements such as charging for hours at high power can be realized with the OBC and thus also enable, for example, the charging of fleet vehicles in a controlled charging infrastructure.

Logistik- und Kommunalfahrzeuge

Logistics and municipal vehicles

Wide range of experience in the municipal commercial vehicles sector

Fluctuating charging scenarios between AC and DC fast charging with high demands on robustness characterize this application field. Based on past customer projects, innolectric has already built up tailored industry know-how in this area.

Heavy Duty Referenzen

Heavy Duty and construction machinery

Emission-free heavy duty machines and construction site vehicles

There are special requirements for vehicles in off-road and on-road use: direct connection to the grid, easy integration into an existing charging infrastructure, individual charging characteristics, and a possible constant charging mode for direct supply of the machine system during operation.

new mobility concepts electric ferry

Marine and Sport

New mobility concepts

Electric drives are also finding their way into new mobility concepts and marine applications. innolectric provides support with innovative charging options and has already helped many customers worldwide to integrate into the changing topology.