On-Board Charger with silicon carbide technology

The level of performance of the power electronics solutions for charging electric vehicles is critical to their operation. innolectric offers solutions to charge both AC and DC in stationary and mobile applications. A key advantage is high power density with an efficiency rate of more than 98%, a benefit of using innovative silicon carbide semiconductor technology. Silicon Carbides’ high temperature significantly reduces the need for liquid cooling. Depending on the application, air-cooling may be sufficient.


The excellent performance of our on-board charger is based upon the long-term experience of innolectric in the field of semiconductors, and our work with STMicroelectronics. Customers of innolectric benefit from innovative SiC semiconductor technology in other solutions too, for example AC/DC Converters.


At the PCIM Europe, June 5-7, 2018, in Nuremberg, Germany, visitors can get further information about the advantages of SiC semiconductor technology and can have a close look at the innolectric On-Board Charger. Further information


For technical discussions about the on-board charger or your individual projects, do not hesitate to contact our team at sales@innolectric.ag