Conversion from Diesel to electric crane

The Jekko SPX1275 mini crane is used as a diesel-powered crane in many international applications. Together with Liftservice Krome, the crane has been made fit for the electric future: instead of the diesel engine and tank, battery technology and charging technology are now under the hood. The operating conditions and times were validated by Nordkran. Nordkran is also responsible for the sale of the electrified crane.


The performance of the converted crane is almost identical to that of the conservative variant with diesel drive – but without disturbing exhaust and noise emissions. The battery system is designed in such a way that a normal working day can be carried out purely battery-operated without any problems. In order to increase the running time, it is also possible to charge and work simultaneously. The user can choose between a 230 V and a 400 V charging variant and thus also charge the crane at a normal household socket. The crane is already being used in Switzerland by the client Feldmann Pneukran+Transport AG.


innolectric cooperated closely with Liftservice Krome within the scope of the project: innolectric took over the design of the electric drive train and set up the battery system including charging technology. Thanks to Liftservice Krome, the components could then be easily integrated into the machine and additional functionalities implemented. The overall system was verified jointly.


The most important advantages of the electrically operated crane are emission-free working – no exhaust fumes, no noise – new and more flexible applications, e.g. indoors, and better working conditions on site. The stricter emission regulations for certain machine sizes and classes will further increase the importance of the electricity generation of working machines.


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