DC Charging Controller

innolectric DC Charging Controller

DC Charging Controller

Central communication unit

The innolectric DC Charging Controller can be used as a central communication unit in both electric vehicles and charging stations. The component takes account of all pertinent norms and standards for charging communication, thereby reliably providing interoperability with other charging technology components.

Support of CHAdeMO and GB/T charging standards

The basic functionality is PWM communication according to IEC 61851-1. In addition, the innolectric DC Charging Controller offers PLC communication according to ISO 15118 and DIN SPEC 70121, including the associated value-added services. Other innolectric components support the CHAdeMO and GB/T charging standards. All communication protocols are continuously maintained by innolectric and thus take into account future updates of the standard. An update to the latest status is possible at any time with the DC Charging Controller.

State-of-the-art technology: updateable software and value-added services

Charging standards and requirements in charging communication as well as customer needs can evolve over time. Thanks to “over-the-air” updates via EV-CAN, it is possible to keep the D3C up to date with all standards and requirements at all times. All communication protocols are continuously updated by innolectric and thus also take into account future changes in standards. An update to the latest version is possible for the D3C at any time. The innolectric firmware updater was specially developed for an easy-to-implement update process.


Depending on the requirements and application, a corresponding additional function can be integrated after consultation with innolectric. Here, the D3C offers a communication bridge whose functionalities can be implemented by innolectric during development. Value added services brought in via the software include, for example:


  • Intelligent payment options – “Plug & Charge”.
  • Defined charging profiles
  • Intelligent charging | load balancing
  • Reservation of charging points
  • Regenerative capability (V2G)
Suitable equipment for fast integration

We offer a range of suitable equipment to help you quickly integrate our products into your application. These include HV cable sets for AC and DC charging and connectors for CAN communication. The cable sets and adapters are particularly interesting for manufacturers who are in the prototype phase and want to quickly integrate and test our products in the vehicle. With the right hardware, you can start the testing phase quickly and easily.

Technical Data
Product nameD3C
Functionality as communication unitEVCCSECC
DC charging communicationPLC (DIN SPEC 70121, ISO 15118)
Interfaces1x CAN J1939CAN, further options
Degree of protectionIP6K9Kup to IPXX
Weight1,422 kg1,422 kg
Operating temperature-40 bis 85 ° C
Minimal variations are possible.

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