Charging and Power Systems


Charging and Power Systems

Charging an electric vehicle requires numerous components. Both the transmission of the power and the communication between the components must work smoothly for successful charging of the vehicle.


Charging starts with the charging infrastructure, usually a charging column. It draws power from the mains supply and delivers it, together with the necessary communication, to the vehicle. Various international standards and charging methods enable the vehicle to be charged using different charging interfaces. Power and communication are transmitted via these interfaces using a communication module, battery and possibly an On-Board Charger provided in the vehicle.


innolectric offers component solutions that keep an eye on the network of individual elements:
The innolectric AC/DC Converter can be used for the power electronics and the innolectric DC Charging Controller can be used as a communication module for the charging column. The innolectric On-Board Charger combines power electronics and communication and can be integrated in the vehicle as a component.
Innolectric takes account of all pertinent international norms and standards for charging technology such as PWM or high-level communication via PLC.

Close cooperation for charging technology with STMicroelectronics
innolectric and STMicroelectronics, the world’s leading manufacturer of embedded components and power electronics, cooperate in the field of silicon carbide technology within the ST partner program. Thanks to the innovative technology provided by ST innolectric offers products with very high efficiency and top quality. The advantages for customers who purchase the innolectric On-Board Charger, for example, are the above-average efficiency of the product with more than 96% efficiency and good availability.


On-Board Charger

AC and DC charging with integrated charging communication

In order to win over the market and ensure satisfied customers, it must be possible to charge an electric vehicle efficiently and reliably now and in the future.

Was macht ein effizientes Ladegeraet aus?

DC Charging Controller

The innolectric DC Charging Controller can be used as a central communication unit in both electric vehicles and charging stations.


AC/DC Converter

The innolectric AC/DC Converter is available in various power levels up to 360 kW.