Charging and Power Systems


Charging Communication

innolectric drives electromobility and develops component solutions for the electrified powertrain and the associated charging process. We offer efficient charging technology for onboard and offboard applications that can be used in cars, trucks, any other commercial or construction vehicles and also in charging stations.


In the field of charging communication, the innolectric portfolio offers the DC Charging Controller communication system for DC charging. In addition, the innolectric On-Board Charger can be used as a complete system solution that combines both power electronics and charging communication in one component. In addition to the DC charging standards DIN SPEC 70121 and ISO 15118-20, the OBC supports the usual AC charging function via PWM communication up to 22 kW. Users of the innolectric On-Board Charger benefit from a turnkey solution that only requires integration of the system application on the user side, as power electronics and charging communication are coordinated.


Secure and intelligent charging communication


Every charging process requires intelligent and fast charging communication, which ensures that charging equipment and electric vehicle communicate with each other without errors. Safety also plays a major role. innolectric develops modules for the intelligent realization of DC charging processes of electric vehicles and machines. Here, the focus is on stable charging communication in order to avoid interruptions of the charging process. Depending on the configuration, the communication modules comply with the charging standards DIN 61851, DIN SPEC 70121 and ISO 15118-20 and thus reliably ensure interoperability with other components of the charging technology.

innolectric DC Charging Controller

DC Charging Controller

Central communication unit for DC charging

The DC Charging Controller (D3C) is a charging communication unit and enables DC charging in various applications. The D3C can be used in electrified vehicles as well as in charging stations.

innolectric On-Board Charger Produktbild Rendering

On-Board Charger

AC and DC charging with integrated charging communication

With an efficiency of up to 96 %, the 22 kW On-Board Charger is a modern component for efficient charging. The innolectric solution reduces the required integration effort for AC and DC charging to a minimum.