E-mobility for future-proof concepts

Whether in logistics or passenger transport – new mobility concepts are being developed for a wide variety of application scenarios. The concepts are as numerous as they are diverse. Examples include shipping and aviation, sports vehicles, and innovative logistics solutions such as heavy-duty drones. In all areas, the focus is on drastically reducing CO² pollution as well as noise emissions in the long term. Particularly in air traffic and in urban areas, noise development is already a limiting factor that can be solved with the help of electromobility.


As different as the concepts are, so are the requirements for the charging applications. Depending on the charging infrastructure and usage scenario, power electronics and charging communication must be flexible to use.

innolectric products as ``ready-to-use`` system applications

innolectric has gained extensive experience in the implementation of a wide variety of projects such as the marine or sports sector and is familiar with the international challenges of charging infrastructure and standards in depth. The product portfolio offers customers from different sectors all advantages to transfer individual challenges into solutions. Intelligent and standard-compliant charging communication, efficient storage as well as flexible charging characterize the innolectric products. The innolectric On-Board Charger Grid (OBC|G) is furthermore equipped for charging with direct grid connection and thus enables, for example, AC charging in the port area.

Know-how transfer in project implementation

innolectric offers a comprehensive service in addition to the products already realized in the electrification of new mobility concepts. On request, the experts from the innolectric team also support customers with individual challenges in the form of consulting or engineering services. If you are interested in further information about our projects or our product portfolio, please contact us by mail at sales@innolectric.ag. We look forward to getting to know you and your project.