electric municipal commercial vehicle sweeper

E-mobility for municipalities and industry

In the urban environment, more and more attention is being paid to electrically powered commercial vehicles. In cities and municipalities, demand for zero-emission work machines is increasing due to the numerous advantages they offer over conventional fuel-powered machines. In industry, too, demand for electric commercial vehicles is rising sharply due to their flexible application options. The vehicles are robust and compact to meet the extensive requirements in urban and industrial environments.

Environmentally friendly commercial vehicles in cities and communities

The traffic load in cities is high, plus the challenge posed by narrow streets and alleys. In the municipal sector, compact utility machines are therefore indispensable, for example for use as sweeping and cleaning machines or as gritting vehicles. Fully electric utility vehicles offer the advantage that they do not further increase the emission load in urban areas or disturb residents with loud engine noises. The advantages of 100 % electric vehicles, including for last-mile delivery, are therefore obvious: silent journeys, no air pollution, flexible charging options, and a more economical solution in the long term than alternatives with combustion engines.

Electric mobility in the industrial environment

Electric commercial vehicles are also used in forestry and agriculture or in closed infrastructures such as airports. Emission-free ground support equipment like pushback vehicles, baggage tractors or passenger boarding bridges offer the advantage that they can also be used during defined rest periods. These special vehicles must be particularly robust, powerful and agile. Another important factor is long to continuous work cycles at the airport, which can be easily realized with the help of the innolectric On-Board Charger.

Wide range of applications thanks to flexible charging options and high efficiency

innolectric creates solutions to meet these versatile deployment requirements with the durable 22kW On-Board Charger in 400 V or 800 V versions. Thanks to flexible AC and DC charging options, the vehicles can be used efficiently. The OBC is capable of meeting many different duty cycles. Moreover, thanks to an efficiency of over 96%, the OBC is particularly powerful.


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