OBC|G: AC Charging directly connected to the grid

The innolectric On-Board Charger stands for the reliable and simple integration of charging technology as a “one-device solution” and integrates both AC and DC Charging. The application focus is on industrial commercial vehicles, especially in the field of medium and heavy delivery vehicles, work machines and construction site vehicles as well as marine applications.

New product variant of the innolectric On-Board Charger

With the On-Board Charger Grid – OBC|G for short – innolectric has developed another variant of the On-Board Charger for AC Charging via a direct grid connection, e.g. at a classic CEE three-phase outlet. Users can therefore obtain an efficient power-electronic version which, without the standardized charging communication, offers the advantage of particularly fast, safe and flexible integration as well as direct use of the charger without additional infrastructure in industrial environments. The device is used, for example, in usage scenarios with temporary charging infrastructure.

Parallel charging operation for higher performance

The OBC|G is available in 400 and 800 voltage ranges with up to 22 kW charging power. To increase the AC Charging capacity, it is possible to connect any number of OBC|G in parallel. By controlling the components separately, a simple, fast and safe charging topology is achieved. The OBC|G is thus particularly flexible to use and offers a comprehensive solution for many different projects and fields of application.


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