Summer event on the Ruhr

The excitement in the innolectric team was high: After the long time of the pandemic and the online events, we could finally celebrate together again this summer!


The summer event started with a collective activity. All colleagues pitched in and built the rafts on the Ruhr. Then it was time to get on the rafts and, in great summer weather, we traveled about 8 kilometers on the Ruhr through the middle of the Ruhr region. As people in the region know, it’s not just city after city, but there are also surprisingly many green spots to discover.

Paddling and swimming

Up to the pier in Bochum, some streams and boat slides had to be mastered. The warm summer weather of the last weeks had ensured that the Ruhr had the best swimming temperature. Many colleagues therefore took advantage of the paddling breaks to jump into the river.

Thanks to partners

The partners of the team members were also warmly invited to the following dinner. This gave the partners a chance to get to know the colleagues better. In addition, it is a small thank you to the partners who support us colleagues and have understanding even in stressful project phases.


So we could spend a nice evening in a larger group and toast to the successes of the last months.