Delivery vehicles and transport
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Delivery vehicles and transport

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Delivery vehicles and transport

In the transport and delivery vehicle industry, the applications for electrified mobility are varied. In both passenger and goods transport, the demand for emission-free conversion remains high. At the same time, the question of cost-effective implementation arises. With the innolectric 22kW On-Board Charger, life cycle costs can be reduced and running costs keep constantly low during operation thanks to highly efficient power electronics.

Usable in different charging infrastructures

Requirements such as hour-long charging with high power can be realized with the On-Board Charger. It also enables, for example, the charging of vehicle fleets in a controlled charging infrastructure. In addition, the complete charging process can be handled variably with both AC and DC charging standards, depending on the requirements and use of the vehicle. The intelligent charging communication module enables the user to flexibly deploy and charge his electric vehicle according to demand and existing charging infrastructure, without the need for an additional device.


In the DC charging area, the charging communication integrated into the On-Board Charger ensures a safe and fast charging process by automatically communicating the maximum charging power between the vehicle, charging station and charger. For the user, this means a simple and flexible charging application based on established charging standards such as CCS2 and CCS1. Thanks to conformity with international charging standards, innolectric offers solutions for customers all over the world.

High loading flexibility adapts to numerous application routines

Operational routines for electric commercial vehicles can vary greatly in everyday life. Sometimes it is not possible to charge the vehicle during the day and not always there is a charging option for DC Charging. The high charging flexibility of the On-Board Charger therefore represents a great added value in everyday use.

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