Electrified crane in operation

Electrified crane: This year innolectric electrified a diesel-powered Jekko SPX1275 mini crane in its entirety together with Liftservice Krome for the company Feldman Pneukran + Transport AG. The replacement of the diesel engine with modern battery systems and charging technology transformed the crane into a future-oriented, multifunctional working machine. This makes it the first zero-emission crane in this weight class and it has now been converted for use in a completely new environment.

Flexible usage thanks to electrification

The electrified crane is already in use for customers in Switzerland. There, for example, it facilitates the assembly of glass panes. The performance and endurance of the battery system on the one hand and the possibility of precise control in a confined environment on the other offer great advantages. These extremely precise control options and the elimination of all emissions provide completely new applications. They consist, for example, of working in closed rooms or in a confined environment. In this way, the Jekko mini crane can work completely without emissions and almost silently inside buildings.

Application options for loading and operation

The electrified crane offers the possibility to charge the battery systems during work. This means that continuous use beyond one work shift is not a problem. The user has two options for charging: Optionally he can choose between a standard charge via a Schuko connection or a quick charge via a 32A connection with CEE plug. The all-electric crane also offers two different versions while in operation. In other words, if the user selects the “high-performance” mode, he can call up the full power of the crane. In “Slow Performance” mode, on the other hand, the power is reduced in order to perform precise, slow movements better. Accurate monitoring of the battery condition is provided by a visible display, on which relevant operating parameters such as the current temperature or battery voltage can be read at any time.

An example of a battery-powered machine can be found here. If you have any questions about the battery systems and our services, please contact us at sales@innolectric.ag or call +49 234 6014 3670.