Hybrid excavator H2 Liebherr
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Hybrid excavator H2 Liebherr

h2_Liebherr hybrid bagger

Hybrid excavator H2 Liebherr

Demand in the heavy duty and construction machinery sector for emission-free drive solutions instead of diesel-powered engines is rising steadily. The reasons for this are a future-proof orientation and extended application possibilities. The Dutch companies Accenda and Mourik have launched the emission-free excavator with hybrid drive “H2 Liebherr”. The 30-ton construction machine is powered entirely by electricity, with energy supplied with the help of hydrogen and a 150kWh battery system. For flexible and comprehensive operating options, the innolectric On-Board Charger is installed in the construction machine.

New areas of application thanks to emission-free operation

The hybrid version of the Liebherr R926 is more powerful than the conventional diesel-powered model in a direct comparison. Thanks to the OBC82.1, flexible AC or DC charging is possible depending on local conditions or respective user requirements. In this way, the hybrid, robust typology is equipped for all-day operation. Since there are no charging pauses, there is zero time loss during operation compared to a fuel-powered solution.


The emission-free variant offers a further advantage in the possible range of applications. The H2 Liebherr emits neither nitrogen oxides nor carbon dioxide and also operates much more quietly. This enables the construction machine to be used, for example, in protected areas such as EU Natura 2000 sites. The intelligent hybrid system solution thus makes it possible to implement projects that would not be approved for fuel-powered construction machines due to the emissions generated in the process. A first nature conservation project is already being implemented in 2021/2022 with the help of the hybrid excavator.

  • Intelligent hybrid solution: electric drive using 150kWh lithium-ion battery system and hydrogen cells
  • All-day working operation without necessary charging breaks
  • Flexible AC and DC charging option thanks to the installed innolectric On-Board Charger (OBC82.1)
  • Emission-free operation enables expansion of project implementation

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