Long-term cooperation with STMicroelectronics

The companies innolectric and STMicroelectronics have been working closely together for a long time within the framework of the innovative silicon carbide technology. This cooperation has now been manifested in the form of the official inclusion in the respective partner program. innolectric as developer and manufacturer of components for electromobility and STMicroelectronics, the leading manufacturer of embedded components and power electronics, are an outstanding combination.

Development of innovative power electronics thanks to silicon carbide technology

The close cooperation benefits both companies, and therefore also innolectric’s customers, in a special way: STMicroelectronics profits from the exchange of innolectric’s application know-how in the field of electromobility and charging technology. innolectric, on the other hand, is able to offer products with very high efficiency and best quality thanks to the innovative technologies provided by STMicroelectronics. In addition, both companies are developing new generations of efficient power electronics with a forward-looking view.

On-Board Charger offers efficiency and intelligence

The innolectric on-board charger is an example of the successful cooperation between both companies. This enables an internationally usable, flexible charging of electric vehicles according to all common standards and the use of different charging possibilities. It can universally use and convert voltages from 22kW AC to over 350kW DC.

The close cooperation between the two companies can result in a product that convinces with its above-average efficiency of more than 96%. “Becoming a member of the ST partner program, it enables our products to rely on the most efficient technology for power electronics,” emphasizes Tim Karcher, CEO of innolectric AG.

The picture above shows Philip Lolies, Vice President of STMicroelectronics; Tim Karcher, CEO of innolectric AG, Jean-Marc Chery, President and CEO of STMicroelectronics, and Matthäus Stepien, Business Unit Manager of innolectric AG (from left to right). The photo was taken at the ST TechDays earlier this year.