Research Funding Project D-SEe - innolectric Current references
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Research Funding Project D-SEe


Research Funding Project D-SEe

Consistent fast charging concept for electric vehicles

In the fall months of 2018, the research funding project “Continuous Fast Charging Concept for Electric Vehicles” – D-SEe for short – was launched, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy until summer 2022.


Background to the project: For the next few years, the car manufacturers have announced the installation of traction batteries of approx. 100kWh, which allow ranges of up to 500km. However, charging stations with today’s charging power (50kW) need about 1.6 hours with this battery size to recharge 80% of the battery capacity, about sufficient for 400km range. The goal of the overall project is to reduce the charging time for 80% full charge to a quarter of an hour.


Together with the cooperation partners Hofer Mechatronik, STMicroelectronics, ElringKlinger, Voltavision, Keysight Technologies and the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, innolectric develops the on-board (battery, battery management system, communication module) and off-board components (power electronics) required for the fast charging process for electric vehicles.


The sub-project of innolectric is to create topologies for BMS and power electronics for efficient DC charging up to 350kW. In addition to the development of the software and hardware of the charging communication, a use case analysis of the possible topologies of the charging infrastructure is part of the project tasks of innolectric.


In a realistic test program, the development components of all cooperation partners are built and put into operation. These include a quick charging station and vehicle battery.

More information

You can find more about the project here.