Start at the innoCampus

After a two-day relocation phase, innolectric’s new company location on the Mark 51°7 site has been settled. The team started work in the new office and laboratory space at the beginning of the week. Antje Leitiger, architect of the construction project, is happy about the move-in on schedule: “We started in December 2020 to January 2021 with the driven pile foundation, which was necessary due to the prevailing soil conditions. Some of the piles under the building reach 20 metres into the ground. Then it continued in April 2022 until completion in June 2023. Despite the pandemic, the tenants can now move in as planned.”

Sufficient space for a growing team

innolectric has moved into a total of over 1,000 m² of office and laboratory space in the innoCampus and thus has sufficient room for the team as well as other future colleagues. “The building has a total of around 2,650 m² of rental space distributed over several units, which can also be linked together. The innolectric units are connected to each other by an internal staircase. The floor plans can be designed flexibly. From a cubicle office to an open space, everything is possible. In addition to the work areas, each unit always has communication zones,” explains the architect from Studio Hölscher GmbH.


In addition to the generous office space, the new laboratory in particular is the centrepiece of innolectric’s new company location. “The laboratory area is very generously sized and offers space for several teams, test benches and a vehicle. The latter can be driven directly into the laboratory area via a separate access, a cavity floor with ESD coating specially designed for the weight makes it possible. The technical equipment was specifically adapted to the needs of innolectric together with the specialist planners,” explains Antje Leitiger.

Focus on exchange and communication

A special focus in the new space is placed on the exchange and communication between the business units and within the entire team. A wide variety of communication zones have been set up for this purpose. One of the common meeting points is the “Eat & Meet” with a green outdoor area – a flexible concept that can be used for lunch breaks as well as for meetings and presentations.

We look forward to welcoming you to the innoCampus starting today!

The innolectric team is now working at the innoCampus. The new postal address is:


innolectric AG
Robert-Bosch-Straße 2
44803 Bochum