h2_Liebherr hybrid bagger

Hybrid excavator combines electric and hydrogen drive

Last year, Accenda and the construction company Mourik launched an emission-free hybrid excavator “H2 Liebherr”. The 30-ton construction machine is powered entirely by electricity, with some of the energy provided by hydrogen. For flexible and comprehensive operating options, the vehicle is also operated with the help of a 150 kWh battery system and the innolectric On-Board Charger. Thanks to the innolectric On-Board Charger, AC or DC charging is possible, depending on local conditions. The variable, robust topology developed in this way ensures permanent operation of the excavator throughout the entire working day. Since there are zero charging breaks, there is no loss of time in practice compared to a fuel-powered solution.

Clean operation enables new application possibilities

According to Kees Jan Mourik, CEO of Mourik, the hybrid version of the Liebherr R926 is more powerful than the diesel-powered model in a direct comparison. Moreover, since the construction machine operates 100% emission-free after the conversion and consequently emits neither carbon dioxide nor nitrogen oxides, it can now also be used in protected areas, such as EU Natura 2000 sites. A first project, a dike reinforcement measure, is currently already being implemented with the help of the hybrid excavator. In this way, intelligent emission-free system solutions make it possible to implement projects that are currently not approved due to the emissions generated by diesel-powered construction machinery. Demand for innovative approaches is therefore growing rapidly worldwide.

International cooperation for pioneering projects

Projects like these show the direction in which the mobility of the future is developing on- and off-road. innolectric is working with its partners and customers to ensure that electric mobility becomes the best solution in more and more areas of application. For this purpose, innolectric offers products such as the On-Board Charger in different power levels and variants as well as customized consulting and product development for special applications.