Charging technology for hydrogen-powered vehicles

Use of the innolectric On-Board Charger in eCap test vehicle

innolectric supports eCap Mobility in the conversion of heavy duty units and public transport buses to hydrogen powered vehicles. The transformation from diesel to hydrogen requires extensive testing with the first vehicles.


The conversion of the VW T5 as a test vehicle was successfully completed with the support of innolectric.


The VW T5 was built as a hybrid solution. Firstly, hydrogen and secondly a lithium-ion battery serve as the energy source for the electric drive train. The installed battery system is recharged energy-efficiently and quickly at an AC Charging station with the help of the 22 kW On-Board Charger by innolectric. The power electronics, in combination with PWM communication, provide a smooth re-charging process. In addition, it is possible to charge the vehicle just as flexibly at a DC Charging Pillar. For this purpose, the DC Charging communication integrated in the On-Board Charger is used with the DC charging standard PLC according to DIN SPEC 70212 and ISO 15118.


Since mid-2021, the eCap Mobility vehicle has been collecting valuable data on the interaction of the components used, such as the electric motor, fuel cell, hydrogen tank system, battery storage and the high-voltage components. Click here for the eCap news report on the test vehicle.